“The Betrayal’s Toll” is one of nine connected stories from “Love and Revenge” Series. The series explores the consequences of deceit and the notion of Love and justice. All nine stories in this series explore different storylines inspired by the same true story.

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Title: “The Betrayal’s Toll”

Atonye’s love life had always been a rollercoaster of mishaps and misadventures. She had a long list of failed relationships and a habit of making impulsive decisions. However, her most significant blunder occurred when she rejected the marriage proposal of a kind-hearted man named Yiabari.

Yiabari was a tall and handsome Ogoni gentleman who had sponsored Atonye’s education, believing they would build a future together. But when he went down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage, Atonye stunned everyone by declining. She couldn’t quite put her finger on why she had said no, but she was sure she didn’t love him anymore. Poor Yiabari was heartbroken.

Fast forward a few years, and Yiabari had moved abroad to heal his broken heart, leaving Atonye to face the consequences of her impulsive decision. Life carried on, and Atonye found herself in a new relationship with a guy named Datonye. They were head over heels in love and dreamed of starting a new life together overseas.

However, fate had a twisted sense of humor. Just as Atonye and Datonye were planning their grand relocation, financial woes plagued them. Desperate for assistance, Atonye’s mind wandered back to Yiabari, who had once been her knight in shining armor.

Summoning the audacity that only Atonye possessed, she decided to reach out to Yiabari, hoping he would lend a helping hand once more. Atonye sent Yiabari a heartfelt message, pleading for his assistance with their relocation process. She poured her heart out. To her pleasant surprise, Yiabari agreed to help them.

Unbeknownst to Atonye, Yiabari had been nursing a seed of revenge in his heart all these years. He saw this as an opportunity to make Atonye realize the gravity of what she did to him. He devised an elaborate plan.

Yiabari demanded they forward the money they have to facilitate their travel arrangements. Atonye and Datonye, eager to start their new life, scraped together every penny they had and handed it over, expecting Yiabari to make up the remaining, oblivious to the impending storm.

Days passed, Atonye couldn’t contain her excitement about their upcoming journey. But just as her anticipation reached its peak, a long, heart-wrenching message from Yiabari landed in her inbox. He confessed that he had taken their hard-earned money as reimbursement for the investments he had made in her education and career, and for the emotional toll he had endured.

Stunned and betrayed, Atonye tried to contact Yiabari, only to discover that he had blocked her on all fronts—phone, social media, and even carrier pigeon (okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the point). She was left dumbfounded, unable to comprehend the depths of Yiabari’s revenge.

Meanwhile, Datonye was devastated because he had sold his two plots of land and beloved car to fund their ill-fated journey. The realization hit them like a sledgehammer—karma had dealt them a mighty blow.

As the reality sunk in, Atonye couldn’t help but reflect on her past decisions. She realized that her impulsive actions had consequences far beyond her imagination. The humbling experience taught her a valuable lesson about the fragility of trust and the dangers of taking love for granted.

And so, Atonye and Datonye returned to the drawing board, ready to rebuild their lives from scratch. As they embarked on a journey of self-discovery, they vowed never to hurt others in the pursuit of their dreams. Because, as the saying goes, not everybody knows how to forgive and forget. And in the bustling streets of Port Harcourt, Atonye’s story became a cautionary tale whispered among friends and a reminder that sometimes, the greatest surprises in life come from the choices we make and the people we least expect.

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