“Ill-fated Overseas Trip” is one of nine beautiful stories from “Love and Revenge” Series. These stories explore the consequences of deceit and the notion of Love and justice. All nine stories in this series explore different storylines inspired by the same true story.

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Title: “Ill-fated Overseas Trip”

There was a young woman named Adaugo who lived in Lagos, Nigeria. She was vivacious, with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and a knack for finding herself in amusing predicaments. Adaugo had a younger sister named Chiamaka, who was known for her beauty and, unfortunately, her tendency to make questionable decisions.

Adaugo had one of her regular customers who visited her boutique, a middle-aged woman named Mrs. Okafor. On that sunny afternoon, as Mrs. Okafor browsed through the colourful array of dresses, Adaugo decided to share an unbelievable tale that she couldn’t hold any longer.

“My lovely Lady,” Adaugo began, “let me tell you the story of what happened to my sister, Chiamaka, last month. I have been utterly speechless, I tell you!”

Intrigued, Mrs. Okafor leaned in closer, her eyes widening in anticipation.                

“It all started when Chiamaka was dating this fine Yoruba guy who worked offshore,” Adaugo continued. “He was generous and kind, sponsoring her education through university and fashion school, with hopes of marrying her someday. Our entire family adored him!”

Mrs. Okafor nodded, impressed by the man’s dedication and commitment.

“But then,” Adaugo exclaimed with a mix of disbelief and amusement, “out of the blue, he proposed to her in 2021, and she rejected him! Can you imagine?”

Mrs. Okafor’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Why on earth would she do that?”

Adaugo shook her head. “There was no good reason, my lady. He didn’t mistreat her, nor did he have any shortcomings. She simply claimed she didn’t love him anymore and wasn’t ready to settle down.”

Mrs. Okafor let out a low whistle. “Well, that’s something.”

“But wait,” Adaugo chuckled, “here’s where it gets even juicier. After rejecting the poor guy, he decided to relocate abroad to heal his broken heart.”

Mrs. Okafor gasped, a mixture of disbelief and sympathy in her voice. “That’s a drastic step!”

Adaugo nodded. “Indeed, it was. And just when we thought the tale couldn’t get any stranger, Chiamaka had the audacity to call him last year, begging for his assistance in relocating her and her new boyfriend abroad!”

Mrs. Okafor’s eyes widened in astonishment. “No way! Did he actually help her?”

“Oh, he helped her all right,” Adaugo replied sarcastically. “Listen to the catch. He demanded a significant amount of money for their travel expenses. Little did Chiamaka know, he had a plan B up his sleeve.”

Mrs. Okafor leaned forward, unable to contain her curiosity. “What was his plan?”

Adaugo smiled mischievously. “He took their money, my lady! And to add insult to injury, he sent them a long message, explaining that he had taken the money as a token from the expenses he had incurred while supporting Chiamaka through university and catering school.”

Mrs. Okafor’s mouth dropped open. “That’s quite the revenge!”

“Isn’t it?” Adaugo laughed. “He then proceeded to block all their lines, including social media. Chiamaka and her new boyfriend were left dumbfounded and penniless!”

Mrs. Okafor shook her head in disbelief. “So, what do you think, Adaugo? Is this karma or should he have just let it slide?”

Adaugo pondered for a moment before replying with a smile, “My lady, not everyone knows how to forgive and forget. Perhaps this is a lesson for Chiamaka to realize the consequences of her actions.” As Mrs. Okafor bid farewell to Adaugo, her mind whirled with the outrageous tale she had just heard. She couldn’t help but chuckle to herself, thinking of the lengths people would go to exact revenge. Indeed, life’s surprises had a way of teaching unforgettable lessons, even to the most audacious among us.

The End.

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The Synopsis: “Ill-fated Overseas Trip”

A woman’s refusal of her partner’s marriage proposal prompts him to start a new life abroad. When she reaches out to him in desperate need, seeking assistance for her relocation, he seizes the opportunity for revenge, turning the tables on her and her new boyfriend. The story explores themes of karma, justice, and the consequences of past decisions.

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