Doyin sat across from Angel, her friend, at a quaint fast food in Lagos. Her eyes were heavy with worry, her heart burdened by the weight of her troubled relationship. Angel listened intently, her warm gaze offering comfort.

“It’s just so hard, Angel,” Doyin sighed, “He never admits when he’s wrong, and his anger scares me.”

Angel leaned forward, “It’s essential to prioritize your safety and emotional well-being, my dear. Now, tell me, what makes you feel indebted to him?”

Doyin hesitated, “He’s invested so much in me. He’s giving me a monthly allowance for over a year now. He’s been supporting my dreams and has introduced me to his family. I feel like I owe him.”

Angel nodded, “I understand, but love should never come with such conditions. Let me ask you this – do you see a future with him, despite his flaws?”

Doyin looked pensive, “I used to, but now I’m scared of what the future might hold. I can’t be with someone who refuses to apologize when it’s clear he’s wrong.”

Angel smiled gently, “You’re not alone in this, my dear. Let’s work through this together.”

Over the weeks that followed, Angel encouraged Doyin to explore her own desires and passions, independent of her boyfriend, Frodd. Through their conversations, Doyin realized that she had lost herself in the relationship, and her happiness had become dependent on Frodd’s approval.

One afternoon, as Doyin was browsing through a local market with Angel, she spotted a beautiful, colourful kite. She remembered how much she loved flying kites as a child, and Angel encouraged her to buy it. With the kite in hand, they made their way to a nearby park.

“Go on, fly it,” Angel urged, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Doyin hesitated but gave in to the joy of the moment. As she released the kite into the sky, a sense of liberation washed over her. The kite soared high, as if taking all her worries with it.

“You see,” Angel grinned, “Sometimes, breaking free is as simple as letting go of the strings that tie you down.”

As days turned into weeks, Doyin’s confidence grew, and she decided it was time to have an honest conversation with Frodd. She invited him to meet at their favorite spot, a place where they had shared many cherished memories.

“So, what’s on your mind?” Frodd asked casually, urging her to end the suspense already.

Doyin took a deep breath, “I can’t continue like this, Frodd. Our relationship has really run low on fuel, and doesn’t feel right pushing it further anymore. I need to prioritize my own happiness and well-being.”

Frodd’s face contorted with anger, but Doyin held her ground. She calmly explained her feelings and her need for change.

“Do you know how much I’ve done for you?” Frodd’s voice rose, eventually.

“I do, and I appreciate it, but love should never come with conditions or control,” Doyin replied.

At that moment, Doyin realized that she had been afraid of Frodd’s reaction, but the more she spoke, the stronger she felt. Frodd’s anger didn’t hold the same power over her anymore. Perhaps it never really held power, maybe it was her fear that had power over her.

Days turned into weeks, and Doyin embraced her newfound independence. She focused on her passions, rekindled old friendships, and surrounded herself with positive energy. Angel’s wise counsel and unwavering support were a constant source of strength.

One day, as Doyin was leaving a dance class, she bumped into Mercy, an old friend from college. They laughed and reminisced, and Mercy invited her to a dance party that weekend.

At the party, Doyin found herself lost in the rhythm of the music. The laughter and joy around her filled her heart with warmth. As she danced the night away, she realized that the happiness she had been seeking was truly possible.

In the weeks that followed, Frodd became sure that Doyin had drifted away from him, into her a newfound sense of freedom and contentment. The burden of the debt she thought she owed him had gone. She embraced her own worth and strength, letting the heart soar free like the kite in the sky.

Doyin stepped into the world, ready to embrace whatever life had in store for her.


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